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Search Engine Optimisation Services

Can I get my site to appear on search engines?

ECS can optimise the keywords and page structure (access permitting) to enable the search engines such as google/msn/yahoo to view the data on your web pages in a 'better light' than they were previously, this practice is known as search engine optimisation, we do not use techniques such as link farms and hidden same colour words repeated over and over as this simply excludes those pages from the search engines or reduces their relevance.

Inbound Links are the Key to success

All the major search engines prioritise sites in the search results based on thousands of different parameters, by far the most important is 'inbound links', these are links that point to your website, without going into too much detail links are categorised as:

  • Keyword Related (Contain specific keywords relevant to your site)
  • Authorative (Come from a high page rank site / education site)
  • Recipricol (A Link to your site results in a link from you the other site)
  • Directory Sources (From a business or general web directory)

Varying combinations of these inbound links create the makeup of the outward view of your site to the search engines and tag your site with relevant themes. Again search engine optimisation can help by making the copy on the page which the link is point to relevant and user focused.

What are keywords?

Keywords are a set of words / phrases which best describe the information contained within a page located hopefully on your website, for example if you sell cars the words automotive and cars would most certinaly be included in your keywords,  although depending on you target area a more specific search of 'automotive england' could yield higher results if the search engines belive this is what users of your website are looking for. When optimising your site we choose a set of keywords / phrases and focus on these within the pages of your website to drive traffic to the relevant pages / products.

How much does it cost?

This really does vary on the amount of pages that require optimisation and the access to the files, other factors which vary the price are whether your site is static or CMS and if your site currently has no listing on the search engines at all.

Of course it goes without saying that all users of the ECS Content Management have full access to their keywords and often change these themselves without the need for any 3rd party.

For more information or a competitive quote please contact us.

Which areas do you operate in?

ECS provide search engine optimisation for lancashire based companies primarily but operate throughout the whole of the UK including manchester and london. Our search engine optimisation clients include companies located in blackburn, clitheroe, accrington and manchester.

For those of you who are interested further in this subject, useful resources and information can be found by visiting (Wikipedia)

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